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A University of Oklahoma sophomore was surprised to be named team caption of the men’s gymnastics team, especially after recovering from shoulder surgery last summer.

Dylan Akers is an OU sophomore on the men’s gymnastics team.  He is energetic and driven according to Junior Captain Presten Ellsworth.

“We feed off of energy and Dylan is what brings that to the table,” Ellsworth says.

These are a few reasons why the team selected Akers to be their captain.  Mark Williams, head coach of the team, says Akers has displayed leadership, and the team respects him for that.

Akers was surprised at the decision.  He got surgery over the summer to repair a twice dislocated shoulder, and says he felt like he wasn’t in the right position to be team captain. But through the injury and recovery, Akers says he learned to train smarter, be a better gymnast, and contribute what he could to his team.

The Sooners Men’s Gymnastics team is now gearing up to make a national title run.

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